Scripture: Romans 12:13

Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

Easter is a time of repentance and divine rebirth. It is a celebration of winter's chilly exit and spring's warm entrance. We exalt God's gifts of nature when we see flowers blooming, grass sprouting up from the sodden ground, and hear chirping birds singing in vernal unison. When the sun is shining and skies are blue, we feel more energetic and alive. It's as if God's voice is whispering into our ears to spread new life and love into the world again.

One Easter several years ago, I experienced an example of God's love while traveling with the Son Light Singers on a musical tour. As an adolescent, it was both exciting and scary to be away from home during the holiday. Our group presented a moving musical drama to several churches in the Florida vicinity. During each performance, I began to feel more connected to God as we re-enacted Christ's death on the cross and his miraculous resurrection.

Each church welcomed us with overflowing congregations, radiant smiles and jubilant applause. It was truly amazing to witness to people through our music ministry. During our stay in Florida, area church families opened their homes to us. This was a wonderful act of generosity and love at Easter when people usually spend time with their immediate families. Not only did they provide comfortable accommodations and hearty meals but Christian hospitality and kindness.

I still fondly hold a photograph of my host family taken several years ago in Florida. For it serves as a precious reminder of my renewed faith in God and the marvelous surprises I received that Easter.


Dear God,

During this Easter season, help us to seek everlasting hope and spiritual renewal in our daily lives. Guide us to extend our loving hands and generous hearts to people beyond our immediate surroundings. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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