Words alone cannot express what your friendship means to me
For the times that we have shared
Will always be remembered within the depths of my heart.
You possess such rare qualities:
Kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding.
When I needed someone to listen, you lent me your ears
When the tears wouldn't stop, you were there with open arms
When I wanted to share a good laugh, you were sitting there right beside me
You encouraged and supported me when no one else did
You did not pass judgment or criticize my thoughts and actions
You provided me with self-confidence and optimism to succeed in this world
You continued to walk with me during the peaks and valleys throughout my life
You never gave up on me even when I failed
And you always accepted and loved me for the person that I am.
For everything that you do, I am truly blessed.
Thank you for the gift of friendship that you have given to me.
May we never depart from one another
But, remain forever in our hearts.
No matter where the paths of life take us,
There will always be a pot of golden friendship
At the end of every rainbow.


A warm breeze whisks them away on a midnight fiesta
Two women step back in time to become girls again
Sipping Dr. Pepper and munching on Doritos
Sitting on beach towels surrounded by the ocean’s caressing waves
Without a solitary worry in the world.
All is quiet and peaceful
Until the celebration begins
On the anniversary of our first encounter at summer camp
It seems like so many moons ago
When we coyly said Hello
We reminisce about our early girlhood days
Laughing about our first crushes and silly childish phases
Singing and dancing to pop 80’s songs
Reciting lines from our favorite T.V. shows and movies
Gossiping about the girls we didn’t like
Or riding to school on a tandem bike
Pairing up together on sport teams
Sharing our silver secrets and wishing well dreams
Birthday slumber parties were such a blast
Hanging out on weekends went by so fast
After graduating from high school
It was time for growth and renewal
We were no longer fragile little girls
But strong mature women
With new goals and dreams
Corporate ladders to climb and homes to feel warm
Families to build and new friendships to form
But right here in this place,
There is nothing more comforting than an old friend's face
To share in failures and triumphs
And allow the trickle of tears to flow freely
From our delicate souls.
For a transient time, we return to our former roles
When we were simply two girls who had nothing better to do
Than to sit along the deserted beach
Sipping Dr. Pepper and munching on Doritos.


One woman inspired me to write
Jimmie is her name
Her gift is rare,
Ideas shine bright
Letters pieced together in a scrabble game
Words as unique and rare as freshwater pearls
Stringed along one at a time
A necklace of stories is formed
Ready to be adorned by others
And worn over and over again
Peeling the ripened layers of maturity
Searching for that lost, inner child
Hiding all alone in her private crawl space
So meek and mild
Fragments of life frame themselves
Like glass squares of a windowpane
Random thoughts pour out
Like thick warm syrup
As they release their sweet maple tears of joy
Or cascade like a free flowing waterfall
With a wild rushing whoosh
Until suddenly all you can feel
Is weightless and numb
Dulling the throbbing pain of this grievous abyss
Emotions being stretched taut like a rubber band
Secrets revealed within lifelines hand
Vividly painting a literary portrait of femininity
Every feature of her being is colored
Shades of her life may vary
But, in each character sketch
A resonant voice shall carry
One that looks for love and happiness
Hope and acceptance
Serenity and freedom
I will never forget
What her words have taught me
Lessons I learned from the day we met
She follows me like a rainbow
Blending rays of kaleidoscopic insight
And showers of leprechaun luck
Prompting me to cross over
The straight line of syllogism
And enter into the measureless sphere
Of creativity's circle.

Friendship is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
The outside holds the foundation
While the middle spreads sweetness over time.

-Amy S. Pierce


We walked that country lane
A thousand times when we were girls
Sharing secrets of the boy we both admired
Giggling about Old Man Duncan
The eighty-year old farmer
Who talked without teeth
And had food stuck in his beard
Or the history test that was difficult
We would run home
To devour a plate full
Of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
And two tall glasses of cow's milk
Before Mother would scold us
For eating too many treats before dinner
Molly went home before long
To feast with her family
And do her daily dose of homework
Like myself
But after everyone was asleep
We would sneak out of our bedroom windows
And head down to the wilderness lake
Listening to chirping crickets
And hooting owls
As the moon uncovers its glowing veneer
We would sit with our feet
Dangling in the placid water
Skipping stones
And singing silly tunes about love
When laughter turned into silence
We knew that slumber was waiting for us
So we walked once again down the country lane
Exchanging a smiling glance at one another
Looking forward to another day
Sharing secrets and laughter
Between timeless companions.

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