The pages of the past
Will influence how you live in the present
The direction that you take now
Will predict where you will arrive later
When that day comes
Whatever destiny has been granted to you
Will either make you grateful or regretful
It all depends on how you carry out your life
Who matters most
What your priorities are
Only you can create an existence
That is positive or negative
How far are you willing to go
To overcome obstacles
Discover abilities
Achieve success
Find happiness
Develop integrity
Demonstrate love
And above all,
Believe in yourself.


I don't always praise you
For the gifts you have given me
And the people you bring into my life
Lord, please forgive me
I don't always love and accept others the way I should,
And sometimes lack patience when life doesn't flow smoothly
Lord, please forgive me
I don't always make the right decisions
And sometimes don't listen to what you are telling me
Lord, please forgive me
I don't always follow your lead
And try going my own way
Lord, please forgive me
I don't always think before I act
And sometimes hurt people by my actions
Lord, please forgive me
I sometimes put my needs ahead of others
And don't always give people the attention I should
Lord, please forgive me
I sometimes lack faith when bad things happen
And begin to doubt your divine existence
Lord, please forgive me
I sometimes allow my fear of failure
To overshadow my potential for success
Lord, please forgive me
I sometimes hold grudges against people who have wronged me
And have difficulty forgiving them
For all of these things, Lord
I ask your forgiveness.


We all have multiple souls
Whether we acknowledge their existence or not
We wear happy faces
That we want the rest of the world to see
But deep inside, we hide our melancholy souls
Even from ourselves at times.

We house angry hearts that act against our will
Lashing out inadvertently at others
With caustic words and conduct
For untoward incidents which caused us anguish
Then we live with the scars of retaliation
We have notoriously instigated.

We have wild passionate souls
Which search for ways of fulfilling our romantic quest
Of ecstatic pleasures and desires
Rendering us vulnerable to worldly iniquities
Deceiving us into believing we're invincible
To life's tragic misfortunes.

Our souls develop and multiply over time
Being shaped through experiences and interactions
With the surrounding universe
But we never wear the same face from one moment to the next,
And ultimately we decide which souls to showcase
And which ones will be sequestered from public analysis.


If I could arise with wonder
And retire in peace
Knowing that my life was simple and carefree,
I would feel less tension
And experience greater relaxation
I could sow more happiness
And reap less sorrow
I would love more freely
And envy less often
I would replace frowns and tears
With smiles and laughter
I would expend less time working
And more time playing
I would sit down and read more books
And spend less energy on technological gadgets
I would take more leisurely walks
And drive less frequently
I would eat a hearty meal at my kitchen table
Instead of gobbling down fast food in the car
I would sleep much later
And take more naps
I would sing more praises
And grumble less often
I would focus more on giving
And less on receiving
I would have more patience
And be less hurried
I would find more time to listen
And less time for condemnation
I would experience greater serenity
And feel less cacophony
I would focus more energy on creativity
And less on rationality
I would experience more pleasure
And feel less pain
I would find greater satisfaction with intangible blessings
Than with materialistic riches
I would have more faith in God
And trust the world even less
If I could arise with wonder
And retire in peace
Knowing that my life was simple and carefree,
I would not have to worry about making tomorrow better
Because today is already perfect enough.


I wait for love
But it never appears
I seek companionship
But no one is there
I search for success
But it changes into defeat
I cry for help
But only hear silence
I long for acceptance
Instead of rejection
I crave attention
Instead of dismissal
I desire happiness
Instead of melancholy
I need assurance
Instead of doubt
I want peace
Instead of hostility
I ask for comfort
Instead of pain
I thirst for life
Instead of death
But first,
I pray for patience
Instead of restlessness
To trust God
Every inch of life's way
No matter how smooth
Or bumpy the road may be
He will steer me down
The right path
If I am willing to be
His faithful passenger.


In life, the choices that I make
Determine which course I will take
The path that I choose could cause me to lose
All that I hoped for and more.
It's a risk either way but, I must begin my journey today
To see what lies ahead and where I will be led
Along this road I follow, it starts out desolate and hollow
I begin to ponder what I'll see up yonder
Shall I swiftly turn back or patiently persist on a treacherous track?
Maybe if I take the chance to find where this road will unwind
I will finally have some peace of mind.
So, off I hail on this beautiful trail
Of luscious terrain of hill and dale.
With nothing to lose and everything to gain
And as I reach the end of the road
I finally discover my humble abode
For the lesson in life is clear:
Do not spend another moment in fear
For to wait, wonder and wish
Is like trying to search for life's perfect dish.
No matter which path you may tread
You will stumble upon trials ahead.
But, if you continuously travel on this course with zeal,
Life's eternal treasures will exquisitely be revealed.


No one we ever meet is a mistake
God brings certain people into our lives for different reasons
Some persons bring us happiness and warmth
While others cause us pain and sorrow
But no matter what emotion we are left with
God always has a purpose
For every stranger we meet
Sometimes he wants to teach us distinct lessons
About how to love others and ourselves more
To help us grow and mature in our faith
To offer us peace and comfort during times of loss and tragedy
To achieve strength and courage in our challenges and trials
Or just simply for us to experience closeness and comfort
In the joy of true companionship
Throughout the various stages of our lives
Some people are meant to be in our presence for life
While others cross our paths for a little while
But no matter how long certain individuals
Remain in our earthly view
We must savor every day we have in their presence
Because we never know
When they’ll depart for the next journey
That God has waiting for them.


He walks beside me along life's undulating sea
He hears every painful cry and merciful plea
He carries my wilted body in his strong arms
And takes me away from anything that harms
He heals my soul with his powerful hand
And leads me to follow in his miraculous plan
He never abandons me or leaves my side
He is always there, he does not hide
Whenever I am afraid, I gaze up to heaven and pray
I know that everything will be okay
For I trust in his wonderful way
When the storms of life knock me to the ground
He comforts me and does not let me drown
His grace is stupendous and his love never ends
Holy and just is he, God never pretends
In the darkness, he is my glorious light
In the forest, he is a compass of magnificent might
He feels every emotion known to man
He changes my words from I can't to You can
There is nothing that he cannot handle
Next to him, no mortal can hold a candle
He lives within the core of our souls
He is always present during each high and low
For God is eternally faithful
And continues to guide us wherever we go.


We coast through life expecting to be here forever
So we procrastinate as long as possible
Thinking that tomorrow will come soon enough:
The things we dread doing most
The items we need but can't afford to buy
The vacation we don't have time to take
The people we long to visit but don't
The dream job we've always wanted to pursue
But somehow gets put on hold
Yet, the truth of the matter is
We can never be certain
If tomorrow's gateway will open or not
So we must always be thankful for the day
That is in front of us
By savoring every moment with excitement and wonder
As if this was the last unlocked door
We will walk through in our earthly existence.


Priorities have a way of being rearranged
While you're cruising along life's highway.

What I desired at age ten
Is not the same as what I wanted at sixteen or thirty.

And I have come to realize that
Life never completely remains the same
Whether it's the people you meet
The goals you plan to reach
Or the decisions you make.

For the road is always twisting and turning
With plenty of bumps along the way
No matter how hard you try to avoid them.

But if you drove on a straight path
Every day of your life
Without any obstructions,
Then you would never discover
The true value of:

Sacrifice and humility

Forgiveness and compassion

Gratitude and generosity

Patience and understanding

Courage and determination

Endurance and hope

Wisdom and integrity.

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