I remember that Saturday in autumn
Sitting under an oak tree in the saffron meadow
As a crisp breeze delivers mottled leaves
To the soft earth like a peacock’s feathers
The fiery sun beams down upon my head
While turning the next poetic page of William Blake
An azure sky is filled with fleecy clouds
Bluejays and cardinals chirp sweetly in unison
To celebrate fall’s splendid arrival
Frisky squirrels scramble up towering trees
Hoarding nuts for an afternoon fiesta
Over yonder,
I glimpse at my reflection
In a crystalline pond of emerald layers
Watching Mallard ducks glide along the liquid surface
Farmers gather a cornucopian harvest
Of pumpkins, squash and gourds
Ready to be prepared for Sunday dinner
Playful children jump around in golden haystacks
While sheep and cows
Graze peacefully in grassy fields
Soon the daylight vista
Will shift into a nocturnal horizon
With an overture of pink and lavender
Then culminating with a grand finale
Of a sterling constellation glittering
Against an obsidian backdrop.


She stands by the plank boardwalk
Staring out at the aquamarine sea
As myriad seagulls gather
On the sand bed shores
Cackling in joyful unison
The saline air
Brushes against her rose petal lips
And ruffles her auburn curls
Alluring her
Into its pacific grasp
Embracing her
Like a buoyant dolphin
Gazing back at her
Through azure lens
Serenading her
In nautical whispers
Always waiting for her
To sip from its aquatic fountain.


Beams of golden sunshine seep through my bedroom window
Coloring my face at the break of dawn
And carrying with it a warm gentle breeze.
Tugging my weary limbs away from peaceful slumber
I rise to nature’s call to enter its spiritual haven.
So, off I trollop down the country lane
Toward the arcane alcove which still remains.
When I finally reach my hidden retreat,
I stand for a moment in silent and wondrous awe
I can see and hear the constant ebb and flow of the babbling brook
I feel serenity and solitude here.
The lofty fur and pine trees perfume the air with purity
Perforating my soul with refreshing vigor and enthusiasm
Woodland creatures lurk around corners
And eagerly search for their hidden burrows
Upon treetops, chirping birds and hooting owls sing in unison.
Blooming flowers sprout upon the plush forest floor
And rustling leaves continuously sway upon sheltering trees
Overlooking the babbling brook, I sit upon a wooden bench
Then, slowly close my eyes and drift into quiet repose
My peaceful spirit awakens without any woes.


One morning I drove to Cottage Cove,
When I arrived, I was greeted by nature’s friends in the grove
While walking along the footpath to the lake
My senses instantly became awake
Lakeside loons singing their lovely tunes
Fishermen catching bass and eel
Eagerly awaiting a seafood meal.
Youngsters glide down a swimming pool slide
Jumping and splashing in the bay so wide
I love to pick berries and nuts off the trees
And lounge in the hammock for some afternoon ZZZ’s
In my antique rocking chair, I just quietly sit and stare
Taking in the panoramic vista as the sun beams its golden glare
Later, I prepare a picnic lunch and do heartily munch
On corn on the cob, and raspberry pie,
In the moonlit night, the stars are so clear and bright
You can even hear a hooting owl and howling coyote
When I awake at the crack of dawn,
I glance through the window and spot a young fawn
By the time I run out, she is already gone.
But there will be other days to find her again
For my time at Cottage Cove has just begun
My work here is never done.
Time for walks, berry picking, and swimming.
Each day, I begin anew
Refreshed like flowers in spring
And waiting to see what nature will bring.

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