She was an admirable lady
Whom everyone cherished
With youth and enthusiasm for life
She was warm and gentle
Like a fleecy lamb
A kind, loving mother and friend
To everyone she knew
Whenever you needed her
She was always there to listen
And offer genuine concern
She loved being around people
And never missed an opportunity
To arrange family outings
And parties with friends
Rather suddenly
She departed from this earth
And entered into divinity
Leaving us to mourn
Her graceful presence
Hoping for one last chance
To play golf on the green
Or chat over dinner
There is a void
Which no one else can fill
A guttural pain
That only she could relieve
A frozen frown
That only she could melt
Into a beaming smile
Never prepared to say goodbye
This soon
To an admirable lady
By the name of Alyce.


An extraordinary thirteen-year old boy
With a golden heart of virtuous love
A sterling soul of tender compassion
A brilliant mind of boundless insight and knowledge
Persevering along the pathway of impossibility.

Seeking abundant joy
Ceaseless faith and hope
Gaining inner wisdom and strength
Unflinching will power and optimism
Through the midst
Of life’s unfortunate and wretched battles.

Unaware of the innumerable lives he touched
During his short lifetime.

A remarkable young man
Who painted our world with happiness and humor
Inspiration and truth
Creativity and zest
Innocence and integrity.

You will forever be remembered
As the poet, peacemaker and philosopher
Who continued to play after every storm.

In loving memory of Mattie J.T. Stepanek who passed away on June 22, 2004 from Muscular Dystrophy.


When I have left this temporal globe of mortality
Please remember me during each stage of my life:
They way I looked at five
Doggedly learning to tie my shoelaces
Before I could run out and play.

The way I looked at fifteen
Awkwardly reciting memorized verses of Emily Dickinson
In front of snickering classmates.

The way I looked at twenty-five
Nervously walking down the aisle
In a pearl satin gown
Waiting to be united with my lifetime soul mate.

The way I looked at thirty-five
Joyfully partaking in the birth of my second child
As I lovingly clutching her in my protective arms.

The way I looked at forty-five
Proudly signing copies of my first published book
About happiness, love, and success.

The way I looked at sixty-five
Contentedly reading books and playing games
With my adoring grandchildren.

Now that I am eighty-five
Please forgive the wrinkles and crystal locks
For I have had a long but abundant life
With both challenging crosses to bear
And memorable moments to wear.

Though my time on this hemisphere is coming to a close
I am thankful for the people I have greeted
And the milestones I have reached.

So before you place my body in the ground
Don’t remember me by my dying age
But instead, think of me during each life stage.

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