At the center of life's oyster lies a shimmering pearl of ceaseless wisdom.

Until I fall down, I will not discover the need to get up and alter my life.

By following your heart to the sea, you will sail the voyage of destiny.

The chapters are never-ending in the book of life.

“The future is an invisible page that will one day reveal all of our hopes and dreams,
questions and answers.”

“Everyday is like opening one new door of a Christmas Advent Calendar.”

“The tides of life are continually flowing with magnificent treasures and tantalizing

“The dots of each day connect to form a clearer picture of life’s purpose.”

“One strand at a time, the knots of knowledge will be untangled from the parasites of
ignorance and sail freely on the high seas of undulating power.”

“Life is like eating an orange: You have to peel off the tough rind of difficulty in order to
squeeze the juice of pleasure.”

“Throughout your lifetime, you will cross many bridges of uncertainty and walk through
never-ending tunnels of turmoil before you reach your ultimate destination.”

“Life is like a rainbow: Every time you go into the world, you will discover a different

“Everywhere you walk in nature, there is a spacious meadow swaying with the reeds of

“A birthday is not only the celebration of life’s starting point but a celebration of life’s

“The sweetest moments of life sometimes emerge from the center of chaos.”

“When one is standing in the shadow of the past, it becomes difficult to see the light of
the future.”

“An honest man never buries the truth with lies but carries an open conscience of

“A child will not truly see the shape of maturity until he has worn the tattered shoes of

“Between the layers of ambiguity lies a center of absolute clarity.”

“An individual is someone who supports unpopular beliefs despite how the majority party

“Memories are the indelible ink that can’t be erased from the surface of time.”

“When people race to reach life’s finish line, they usually run off track.”

“Luck is the tarnished coin we throw into a golden pool of destiny.”

“Adventure traverses beyond the perimeter of security in search of an unexplored trail.”

“Until I fall down, I will not find a need to get up and alter my life.”

“Life is a labyrinth of unexpected turns and infinite wonder.”

“Sometimes you have to retrace your steps backward in order to find your way forward.”

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