I have gone through many stages in my life ranging from failure to triumph. Yet, the one thing that has never changed is my passion for writing. It has shaped me into the woman that I am today and it will continue to do so in the future. My goal is to help other women develop confidence in themselves, to recognize the breadth of their talents, and to fulfill their dreams.

Ever since I can remember, writing has played an integral role in my life. From childhood until the present, I have found solace and comfort in writing. No matter how long or short the project was, whether it was writing a letter to a friend, keeping a journal, creating stories, or composing lyrical verses of poetry.

It was always exciting for me express my inner thoughts and emotions. When I was sad, angry, lonely or happy, I could always articulate what I was feeling. Over the years, I have endured hardships and suffered trials in my friendships, relationships, physical health, and career path. In each situation, I was able to search the depths of my being to release my soul's desires, and make them a part of my work.

For several years, I dreamed of becoming a journalist, whether it be a novelist or magazine columnist. Yet, my increasing fear and lack of confidence barricaded my path toward journalistic success. It seemed like whenever I wrote a school essay or term paper, my teachers would criticize and judge them beyond belief. As a result, I felt like I was a failure and lacked the talent and skills of becoming a future writer.

After much contemplation, I began pursuing other career fields such as Interior Design, Advertising, and Marketing. It wasnÂ’t until after I entered the corporate world as a Customer Service Representative, that I rediscovered my passion for writing. While volunteering to write a column for the departmental newsletter, I fell in love with this creative art all over again. In addition, I also elected for the office of Secretary for the Grand Island Business & Professional Women's Club. For two years, I wrote the meeting minutes for each monthly newsletter before becoming the President for the club.

It became clear to me, that writing was the place for me in this world, and nothing was going to stop me now. But once again, fate stepped in and altered my plans. After applying for writing positions without much success, I decided to put my passion on hold.

While I became comfortable working in a fast-paced service position, I also lacked both the creative and mental energy to write. I felt like a claustrophobic robot with little room to move or breathe. After a few years of this torture, I became very depressed and my physical health declined. I was so edgy and nervous that I could barely eat or sleep. The idea of going to work everyday in this regulated environment was both stressful and upsetting. I felt numb and frozen inside. How could I begin to write in this state of mind? I knew that I had to do something quickly before things became any worse.

After being employed with the same company for almost six years, I decided to resign. Although it was a difficult decision to make, I knew in my heart, that it was the right thing to do.

When I finally bid farewell to that chapter in my life, I was ready to sail onward into more creative seas. During my absence from the corporate world, I have been working on several creative writing projects in such genres as poetry, short stories, and inspirational essays. I have also submitted works to numerous publishers and entry into national writing contests. As a result of my diligence and perseverance, I have had sixteen poems and two short stories published within a matter of seven months. In addition, I am working closely with a experienced writing mentor who has taught me invaluable lessons about the writing process and how to more fully develop my talent as a writer.

My journey has only just begun and I know that I have a long way to travel to achieve literary success. Sometimes, I am afraid of failing. Yet, deep within my soul, I know that if I don't surge ahead to pursue this burning passion, I will feel like a bigger failure.

So, where will my future take me? I am uncertain right now. What I do know is that I am finally enjoying life again in ways that I have dreamed about for years. Writing has set me free to explore the mysteries of life, and the inner depth of my soul. It has allowed me to feel whole and content with myself. Without this gift, I am just a hollow shell without a soul to survive.

When I write, I am most connected with myself, both mentally and physically. I can simply relax and as I write, the words begin to flow. I know that it is not too late to fulfill my dream of becoming a writer. It is no longer just a whimsical wish, but a lifelong journey of pursuing this personal passion. No matter how long it takes, one step at a time, I will continue to achieve my goals with enthusiasm and fervor.

Each day, I am learning to accept myself for who I am and the gifts that I have always possessed. I have conquered challenging battles and I know that I will continue to fight many more. I realize now that no matter what life throws your way, you can survive anything, if you are willing to take the chance to try.

While walking through the darkest valleys of our lives, we begin to uncover the inner light which reveals our soul's yearnings. As we indulge in our passions, we become more peaceful and whole with ourselves and others.

As a result of my writing, I have become a stronger and more courageous woman. I am ready to embark on a new journey of self-discovery where there are no limits, but endless possibilities. If you dream of achieving great things, then you must believe in yourself. Do not let anyone stand in your way. Fly on the wings of a dove and soar wherever your heart leads you. As a writer, there are no limits as to how far you can go. Your journey will be much more fulfilling if you tread to walk everywhere (even in muddy waters). That is what I finally have the courage to do, and I am much happier and healthier as I walk on the write path.

Published at Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women
(Summer 2001)

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