Music is life's never-ending melody.
Amy S. Pacini

Ever since I was a little girl, music has played an integral part of my existence. Whether it was practicing pieces on the piano, tooting my French horn in the band or singing hymns in the church choir, music has always given me a great sense of emotional satisfaction. It has made me smile and laugh, cry and shout. As a result, I have received much happiness and joy through music's uplifting power. This melodious medicine has also brought me through the difficult stages of my life from loneliness and illness to anger and grief.

In my junior year of high school, I remember having mononucleosis one winter and staying home for three weeks. After being tutored in my studies, I would pass the time by listening to the radio or playing cassette tapes of my favorite bands. By the end of each day, I felt much better after having a dose of pop music.

On a frigid December night during my freshman year of college, my French class went Christmas caroling around the campus community. Walking rapidly from one house to another merrily singing in French, I could feel the spirit of music radiating through my soul. Afterwards, we gathered together at my professor's house for scrumptious French crepes and hot cocoa.

During the summer months of college break, I would sunbathe on the patio, write letters to my friends and crank up the tape deck to Eric Clapton, Rush, Night Ranger, and Toto. There's nothing like an eclectic mix of music. It soothes the soul, heals the heart and certainly makes life worth living.

I am a big fan of love songs and enjoy being lulled by their beautiful melodies and sensuous lyrics. They evoke such tender emotions and special memories of people I have loved. One of my favorite romantic songs is Hopelessly by Rick Astley. It reminds me of how I fell hopelessly in love with a young man during my junior year of college. Every time I hear this song playing, my heart skips a beat and tears well up in my eyes.

Memories begin flooding back as I remember magical moments we shared including jam sessions of us playing the guitar and keyboard. It was this mutual passion for music that brought us together. Although we are no longer a couple, music will always link us together in our hearts. Once my boyfriend even composed and recorded a song entitled "You Mean So Much To Me" which I shall never forget for as long as I live.

The beauty of music is not simply in the melody and lyrics but the emotions it conveys when you listen to it. Every song has a story to tell and every story has a song worth chanting. No matter what type of music I listen to, whether it's Handel's Messiah or Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven, I find that each musical composition vibrates something powerful and unique.

I have hundreds of favorite songs which I enjoy hearing on my CD player. Over the years, I have accumulated a cornucopia of records, cassette tapes, and compact discs varying in theme from Christian, classical and instrumental to techno pop, rock and alternative. I am continually discovering new artists to listen to which dramatically increases my music collection. I find that there are no limits on musical tastes.

A couple of years ago when I was going through a challenging career transition, the nautical sounds of a tin whistle and piano echoing in the room gently eased my anxious mind. By allowing the music to filter through my head, I was able to center my thoughts and make an important life-altering decision. I decided to follow my call of becoming a writer. Although it is an increasingly competitive market, I am more excited than ever about playing in this creative game. Music has been a major contributor in making my writing fantasy come true.

Now as a creative freelance writer, I rarely compose anything without having one of my choice CDs playing mellifluously from my computer. I find that music helps me to fine-tune my focus and motivates me to express my thoughts more freely. I can sit for hours clacking away at the keyboard in synchronized rhythm to the music. I also accomplish more tasks with a musical backdrop whether it's brainstorming for a new story, tidying up the house or doing my aerobic workout.

I frequently listen to tapes while driving to work which helps relieve my tension during rush hour traffic. Sometimes, I turn up the volume on fast songs and mentally sway to the beating music. One of my favorite dance tunes is Love Shack by The B-52?s. I have often sung the lyrics in the car and shuffled up a storm on the dance floor at parties and weddings.

Sometimes, I enjoy being whisked away to a foreign land whether it's the haunting whisper of Scottish bagpipes, relaxing Caribbean steel drums or romantic Oriental bamboo flutes.

No matter what style you listen to, music touches the soul in one dimension or another. Throughout the ages, it has significantly influenced the lives of many people all over the world and will continue to do so in decades to come. It gives us greater purpose and hope, peace and happiness. For music is and always will be life's never-ending melody.

Finally, I would like to share the lyrics from one of my favorite songs. It truly makes you realize just how much of an impact music can have in your life:

Do Your Thing

By Edwin McCain

Just do your thing
If it makes you feel better
Go on and sing
You can't buy back the time
So stop and love
And dance and live
And laugh until you cry
Don't wake up to realize that
Your time has passed you by
You can cling to your fears
If you want to
To your heart and your soul
You must be true.

Abridged version of Do Your Thing
Edwin McCain - Messenger, 1999

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