Dear God,

There are days when I feel anxious and weary and I don’t feel like getting up in the morning. Yet, after I lethargically awaken, you give me the continuous energy and peace to keep myself going throughout the day. Responsibilities and tasks which appear cumbersome quickly turn into finished achievements when I trust in your ceaseless power and strength.

There are moments when I feel lonely and sad, but unexpectedly you change them into pleasant comfort and joy. You walk beside me along life’s undulating sea and hear my every painful cry and merciful plea. You carry my wilted body in your strong arms and take me away from anything that harms. You heal my soul with your mighty hand and lead me on the path toward your miraculous plan. You never abandon me or leave my side. You are always there and never hide. Whenever I am afraid, I gaze up to heaven and pray for I know that everything will be okay because I trust in your wonderful way. When the storms of life knock me to the ground, you comfort me and do not let me drown.

Your grace is stupendous and your love never ends. You are holy and just, genuine and beautiful. In the darkness, you are my glorious light and in life’s confusing forest, you are a compass of magnificent might. You feel every emotion known to man from blissful joy and heart wrenching sorrow. You change my words from “I can’t” to “You can.” There is nothing that you cannot handle. Next to you, no mortal can hold a candle. You live within the core of my soul for you are always present during my highs and lows. For you, God are eternally faithful and continue to guide me wherever I go in life and more so after death. Thank you for bringing me into this world and always shining your radiant light on my life. I look forward to the moment when we will finally meet face to face as I enter the eternal gates of heaven.

In Love,
Your Child in Christ

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