“Caitie, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but I’ll be back before you know it,” said Corey, hurriedly kissing Caitlin before his unexpected Hawaiian departure.

Crestfallen, Caitlin stares at the gold heart locket around her neck wondering if Corey is the man for her.

After a few minutes of romantic reflection, Caitlin delves into a last minute writing project for a client. Within ten key strokes, she is interrupted by a call from Corey.

“Honey, I know you’re busy working on a deadline, but I have a little bit of a problem. My top model for the beach photo shoot just cancelled out on me and I need someone to fill in by sunset.”

“You want me in Hawaii tonight? I don’t know if I can get there from Manhattan by then!”

“I’ll have a private jet fly you into Waikiki Beach by 7:00. My assistant can deliver the evening gown to you at the beach.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure I’m ready! Looking forward to seeing you soon sweetie!”

“Me too honey. See you tonight,” said Corey with a big grin.

Before she knows it, Caitlin steps off the jet and enters Hawaiian paradise. The crimson evening gown shimmers against the cerulean surf and rose sunset as Caitlin walks toward the modeling spot on Waikiki Beach.

After a few minutes, Caitlin’s ears perk to the melody “With All My Love.” When she turns around, there stands the world-renowned entertainer, Don Ho singing and playing her favorite Hawaiian song.

When he finishes performing, Don leads Caitlin to a candlelit table for two on the beach. Suspiciously, she sits down as a waiter pours her a glass of Pina Colada and begins serving a full-course meal including Mahi mahi, Kalua Pork and Haupia Pie.

When Caitlin asks what is happening, the waiter simply smiles and says “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Suspiciously, Caitlin gets up and combs the beach for any sign of Corey. She takes about three steps before stumbling upon a red and white heart-shaped rose arrangement in the sand. Curiously Caitlin leans closer, piecing together letters of this cryptic message: “Will You Marry Me Caitie?”

Caitlin stands speechlessly still when she feels a tiny tap on her shoulder. When she turns around, Corey is kneeling down on one knee with a red heart-shaped box. Immediately, he opens it, revealing a one karat marquis diamond ring.

Beaming, Caitlin cries a resounding “Yes” and wraps her arms lovingly around Corey.

“Did you think I would spend Valentine’s Day without you?” Corey asks between kisses.

“Well, I had my doubts when you left so quickly this morning. But, once I got to the beach and Don Ho started playing “With All My Love,” I became suspicious.”

“You don’t have to wonder anymore because there’s no one I’d rather be with than you. I love you, Caitie.”

“I love you too, Corey.”

They tenderly embrace again beneath the Hawaiian sunset, dreaming about their future life together.

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